How to keep snakes out of my garden

Spotting a snake or snakes in your garden might be one of the scariest experiences you want to avoid. But guess what, avoiding seeing a snake in your yard is quite impractical. As such, you're likely to sight a snake in your garden or orchard when the temperatures are favorable for their cold blood. Snakes cause many to freak out due to the danger they pose to humans, pets, and even livestock. You can spot these creatures in your garden when the temperature is about 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, usually in the morning or late afternoon. If you love gardening, finding a snake could drive you crazy or even earn you a snake bite because they appear when you least expect them. If you have spotted at least one snake in your garden or you enjoy gardening but are afraid of snakes, we've got a way out for you. Below are some of the simple things you can do to keep them away from your garden.

Get rid of any hiding places
Snakes tend to live in places that are damp and dark. They often hide in holes, cracks, and crevices. For this reason, you should thoroughly inspect your garden and eliminate any spaces that snakes can hide. You ought to repair any ventilation ducts, piping, or gutters that are damaged, remove any piles of wood or mulch, and trim the bushes and hedges. If they lack a hiding place, they will look for it outside your garden.

Get rid of the snake’s food supplies
Snakes usually live in spaces where they have access to animals they can prey on, for example, birds, insects, moles, frogs, and even fish. If your garden has a problem with these animals, you can be almost sure that you will find at least one snake within the property. To deal with the snake menace, you have to eliminate anything that is a snake's prey. Once the snake lacks food, it will naturally relocate to a more favorable environment.

Keep natural snake predators in the garden
Rearing animals that feed on snakes in your garden will automatically keep these reptiles away. Turkeys, pigs, cats, raccoons, and even guinea hens feed on snakes, so they come in handy when managing a snake problem or keeping them away.

Use smoke
Snakes are very sensitive to odors and fumes, especially smoke, so this is a good way of keeping them away from your garden. You can do this by digging up a fire pit and allowing it to smoke for several days.

Grow natural snake repellents
Some plants naturally repel snakes, so planting them in your garden is a safe way of keeping any snake away. They repel these reptiles either with their strong and pungent smells or their sharp leaves and thorns. Some of the most effective snake repelling plants that you can grow are garlic, onions, lemongrass, marigolds, snake plants, and cloves.

Apply commercial non-toxic snake repellents
You may also walk into a store that sells agricultural supplies and purchase non-toxic snake repellents. An example is a Naphthalene-based product that irritates the reptiles without harming them. Other suitable options are sulfur and ammonia. Alternatively, you can spray a mixture of lime and hot pepper or a combination of cinnamon and clove oils as both repel snakes.

Call pest/wildlife control services
If you have a persistent snake problem or are afraid to use one of the options listed above, you can seek the help of professional pest or wildlife control services to assist you in keeping snakes away from your garden.

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